About Neuronavigation Targeted TMS

Neuronavigation Targeted TMS is the future in providing patients with a precise and individualized TMS treatment.  The typical use of standard measurements to locate the treatment site without a reference database is less reliable and may have an impact on reaching optimal treatment outcomes.

Neuronavigation Targeted TMS is an image-based navigation system for targeting TMS to an individual’s unique anatomical features,  and matching those features to a “reference database”.

For precise stimulation of specific areas of the brain, MRI and fMRI images of the individual brain anatomy are used to position the coils. Until now researchers have placed the coils based on general anatomical models and their experiences. With neuronavigation targeted TMS, we can now use both anatomical and fMRI data to achieve highly targeted stimulation which translates to the most effective patient results.

Neuronavigation Targeted TMS Provides:

  1. Shorter treatment time
  2. Quicker and better results
  3. Enhanced patient comfort

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