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About Targeted TMS

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Benefits of Advanced Neuronavigation Targeted TMS

At Mindful TMS in Chicago, we uniquely combine TMS treatments with state-of-the-art neuronavigation technology to achieve highly-targeted, exceptionally accurate stimulation. This accuracy yields better results than standard TMS treatments. Neuronavigation Targeted TMS is the future in providing patients with a precise and individualized TMS treatment.

Neuronavigation Targeted TMS provides:

  • Greater precision, yielding better results
  • Minimal to no side effects
  • Enhanced patient comfort

How Neuronavigation Targeted TMS Improves Treatments

The typical TMS clinic procedure of using standard measurements to locate the treatment site without a reference database is less reliable and may have an impact on reaching optimal treatment outcomes. At Mindful TMS Neurocare in Chicago, we use better technology for targeting our TMS treatments for depression and OCD.

Neuronavigation Targeted TMS is an image-based navigation system for targeting TMS to an individual’s unique anatomical features, and matching those features to a “reference database”.

For precise stimulation of specific areas of the brain, MRI and fMRI images of the patient’s brain anatomy are uploaded and used to accurately position the coils. If a patient has not had an MRI, our neuronavigation system provides a thorough database of MRIs for specific genders and age groups.
With neuronavigation targeted TMS, we can now use both anatomical and fMRI data to achieve highly targeted stimulation which provides our Chicago-area patients with the most effective results.