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About PTSD

Up to 25 million Americans have some form of tinnitus, a condition that causes persistent ringing in the ears. At Mindful TMS Neurocare Centers in the River North neighborhood of Chicago, Crystal Lake, Hinsdale, and Wheaton, Illinois, the board-certified psychiatrists and TMS specialists use transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy to reduce symptoms and help patients feel their best. Call Mindful TMS Neurocare Centers to schedule treatment for tinnitus, or book your appointment online today.


What is PTSD? 

PTSD is a condition that affects your mental health. It’s typically characterized by flashbacks, nightmares, and severe anxiety after experiencing trauma. If you struggle to overcome troublesome PTSD symptoms, see the Mindful TMS Neurocare Centers experts for an evaluation as soon as possible for relief.

What symptoms can PTSD cause? 

PTSD can cause the following symptoms:

  • Anxiety
  • Always being on guard
  • Depression
  • Flashbacks
  • Nightmares
  • Substance misuse
  • Thoughts of suicide
  • Panic attacks
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Problems concentrating
  • Social isolation
  • Loss of interest in favorite activities
  • Recurrent distressing thoughts
  • Avoiding PTSD triggers
  • Feeling emotionally numb, hopeless, or worthless

PTSD might negatively affect your life in many ways when not addressed. It can diminish performance at work or school and cause problems in interpersonal relationships. 

What are the risk factors of PTSD? 

PTSD may result after experiencing one or more of the following traumatic events:

  • Car accident
  • Violence
  • Physical, sexual, or emotional abuse
  • Childhood neglect
  • Military combat
  • Being robbed, assaulted, or attacked
  • Being a first responder
  • Losing a loved one

Milder cases of PTSD may go away over time, but it’s important to seek help if any of the symptoms you experience diminish healthy thoughts, emotions, or behaviors.  

Do I have PTSD? 

Your Mindful TMS Neurocare Centers provider discusses your medical history, past diagnoses, lifestyle, and medications to get to know you better. They complete a psychiatric evaluation by asking questions that screen for common symptoms of mental health disorders. Your specialist then customizes a PTSD treatment plan. 

How can TMS treat PTSD? 

The Mindful TMS Neurocare Centers team may suggest TMS therapy for PTSD. 

Mindful TMS Neurocare Centers provides TMS treatment by placing a coil on your scalp that emits magnetic energy, altering nerve cells in your brain to diminish PTSD symptoms. You might undergo TMS five days per week for 4-6 weeks. 

One or more of the following PTSD treatments may also help: 

Lifestyle changes 

Making lifestyle changes helps ease PTSD symptoms, particularly when combined with other treatments. Minimize stress, exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep, eat nutritious foods, and maintain a strong social support network.  


Taking medicines is another effective PTSD treatment option. Your provider may recommend trying medications or combining medicines with other treatments.


Psychotherapy (talk therapy) helps you adopt strategies to overcome problematic PTSD symptoms. Your Mindful TMS Neurocare Centers provider may suggest individualized counseling, couples counseling, or family therapy.  

Schedule an evaluation at Mindful TMS Neurocare Centers by phone or request one online today for PTSD symptom relief.