Mindful TMS Therapy

Mindful TMS is a unique center for transcranial magnetic stimulation treatments.  Our passion is helping those with depression through scientifically proven technology and personal care.  We hope that you research our approach to TMS therapy and understand the value of using Neuronavigation Targeted TMS and our Personalized Care Program

Please use our website to understand about Mindful TMS, but always feel free to call us so we may answer your questions and assist with healthcare insurance verification and approval.


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Our commitment to MagVita TMS.  MindfulTMS has many options for choosing what type of TMS treatment device we use.  The MagVita TMS system is an FDA-cleared, revolutionary and cutting-edge technology used to help treat Major Depressive Disorder in patients who have not received symptom relief from medication. MagVita TMS does not enter the bloodstream, which drastically reduces side effects compared to traditional medication.

Although cleared for the US market in 2015, MagVita TMS Therapy was cleared in Europe in 2011 and has a proven track-record of treatment efficacy, usability, and quality. Adding to the appeal of this treatment method is the fact that MagVita TMS Therapy is covered by Medicare and most commercial health insurance plans.

The Same Technology Used by Top Medical Schools Such As:

  • Harvard Medical School
  • Johns Hopkins Medical School
  • Duke Medical School
  • Vanderbilt School of Medicine

And these top-rated clinics:

  • The Mayo Clinic
  • Cleveland Clinic

Your TMS Therapy Consultation

Your initial consultation will allow you and your doctor to discuss your symptoms, treatment history and whether TMS is an appropriate treatment for you. If you are a candidate, your first TMS treatment session can be scheduled and can begin immediately. Mindful TMS will review all financial costs with you and those you care about, so you can focus on your treatment. 

Real Patients, Real Results

Patients with depression are now finding hope through Mindful TMS. There is no better way to get a glimpse into these success stories than reading them first hand. These patients share their hearts and how TMS therapy has given them a second chance at living a fulfilling life!

Approximately half of all treated patients improve their depression score by 50% or more and approximately 35% of all treated patients report scores that indicate they are depression free!*